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Airline industry priority for Government of Mexico reports SICT

Mexico City, Mexico — The head of the SICT reported that a Metropolitan Airport System was established between AICM, AIFA and AIT to coordinate the care of more than 50 million passengers.

Mexico is awaiting the final ruling from the FAA, which will undoubtedly remove the obstacles so that the growth capacity of the airport system can be expanded with new routes.

“For the Mexican government, the airline industry is a State priority,” said the Secretary of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT), Jorge Nuño Lara during the inauguration of “Wings of Change Americas (WOCA 2023), organized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

He stated that Mexico is awaiting the final ruling of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA), which without a doubt, will eliminate obstacles so that the growth capacity of the airport system can expand with new routes in the market. North American region.

He added that, according to official estimates, this situation could represent one million additional passengers per year.

He recalled that on June 2, the FAA’s International Aviation Safety Assessment Audit (IASA) concluded.

It was the first IASA audit in which the evaluated country satisfactorily answers 100% of the questions of the evaluation team, stressed the secretary Nuño Lara during the event in which he was accompanied by the IATA Regional Vice President for the Americas, Peter Cerdá.

The head of the SICT affirmed that actions are being carried out to mitigate the saturation of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) and migrate dedicated cargo operations to other airports, mainly to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA).

“Thanks to the collaborative effort between industry and government, we have made considerable progress in the migration of operations. We will have an extended period from 108 day to 148 days for dedicated cargo airlines to move their operations out of the AICM by the first days of September,” he said.

In parallel, a Metropolitan Airport System was established with the AICM, the AIFA and the Toluca International Airport (AIT) to coordinate the service of more than 50 million passengers.

Nuño Lara highlighted that the air sector is a fundamental element for the development of the economy in a globalizing context, as it is a means of transport that best responds to the needs of facilitating the flow of goods, investments and people.

“The weight of the airline industry is very significant in Mexico. In 2019, it contributed just over 3.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and contributed 1.4 million direct and indirect jobs,” he detailed.

He added that growth projections are optimistic. “We hope to go from just over 100 million passengers to 200 million passengers in the next 20 years.”