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Abandoned plane found in two along Belize, Quintana Roo border

Chetumal, Q.R. — An abandoned aircraft was found crashed Monday morning along the Belize, Quintana Roo border, authorities have said.

The plane, a Gulstream G-5 aircraft, was discovered collapsed on a clandestine runway in an open field next to a dirt road in Blue Creek. The impact of the crash caused the aircraft to split in two.

According to Belize police, no people or cargo were found on board the plane. It is speculated that the plane was carrying drugs or other prohibited merchandise, but had to deviate from its route due to the presence of authorities in Petén, Guatemala.

During their review of the aircraft, they only found empty fuel drums. They presume that the merchandise being transported was successfully unloaded during the early morning.

Belizean authorities have not issued additional information to the remains, only that the aircraft was split into two.

So far this year, several aircraft have been reported descend in unpopulated areas away from Belizean cities near the Belize border with Mexico.

The Ministry of National Defense announced that it remains alert to the possible invasion of Mexican airspace at the southern border by drug-laden planes traveling from Central and South America.

The commander of the 34th Military Zone, Miguel Ángel Huerta, said that every month they detect up to 30 possible “narco-planes”, whose flights originate in South American countries such as Colombia and Venezuela or Central America such as Panama, to reach Quintana Roo and continue, heading to the United States.