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11 police officials facing charges in November Cancun demonstration

Cancun, Q.R. — A total of 11 Cancun police officials are being charged in the November demonstration when police opened live fire against demonstrators.

The 11 city officials have been charged with abuse of authority, aggravated robbery, crimes against the principles of the accusatory criminal system and cover-up.

In a statement, prosecutor Oscar Montes de Oca confirmed that the list of accused includes a secretary, undersecretary, director, three coordinators and three supervisors as well as two police elements, all from Public Security of the city of Cancun.

The commanders are accused of having allowed the presence of armed police, contrary to the protocol, in addition to not taking action when open fire began, as well as not having arrested any of those involved and their involvement in the disappearance of evidence.

After the initial hearing, the judge has set restrictions, prohibiting any of the 11 from leaving the country. The charges stem from a demonstration in November outside Cancun city hall where police opened live fire, injuring four.