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100 million earmarked for Tulum, Nicolás Bravo hospitals

Tulum, Q.R. — The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, confirmed that 100 million peso will be delivered to equip the health centers of Tulum and Nicolás Bravo.

The official was accompanied by Governor Carlos Joaquín and the director of the ISSSTE in the supervision of several health facilities during a recent tour.

“We are in a moment of opportunity. It was decided that there will be 100 million peso for two hospitals. Seventy million for Tulum and 30 million for Nicolás Bravo, which are the priorities,” explained Tulum’s Mayor, Victor Mas Tah.

The Nicolás Bravo Community Hospital project started in 2012 when the Ejidos donated the land and the construction of the building started. But after seven years, the work has been abandoned and vandalized because there is no money for its equipment, which affects more than 40 rural communities and just over 30,000 people.

The Tulum Community Hospital required 95 million peso, and for three years, it has also been closed due to lack of money for equipment.

The municipal president of Tulum, Víctor Mass Tah, said that the announcement of the Ministry of Health to grant more than 70 million peso is essential to equip the Community Hospital of the municipality, which has a population of over 27,000 inhabitants.

He said that an additional 20 million is required, which they will manage in 2020. Even with the 100 million peso to equip the two hospitals, more money is needed to pay salaries for medical and maintenance staff.

“The next challenge is to obtain the resources to hire the people who are going to operate them and maintain the hospitals,” he noted.