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Three dead in Costa Maya shootout with military

Costa Maya, Q.R. — UPDATED: A confrontation between Mexican Army personnel and civilians in the vicinity of Río Indio has left three dead. The incident happened Thursday morning when military personnel were fired at by subjects inside a building.

The shooting took place in the tiny seaside community of Rio Indio which is located just north of Mahahual.

According to early information, military personnel patrolling the area in two vehicles were shot at by subjects from inside a property. The military shot back, which began a shoot-out between them and a group of civilians.

The back-and-forth shooting lasted for several minutes which left three civilians dead and one injured. Military personnel seized a fragmentation grenade, a total of six weapons (four long and two short) and 23 stocked chargers afterward.

It is not known exactly why the military personnel were fired upon.

UPDATE: The Command of the Thirty-fourth Military Zone has provided an update regarding the shootout between them and civilians. According to their statement, the person who was injured has died, bringing the death toll to four.

The shootout happened in three different stages early Thursday morning when the patrolling military officers were alerted about heavily armed men inside a house. That house was Maya Sota on Las Gaviotas property in the town of Rio Indio, north of Mahahual.

Military personnel headed to the area around 6:30 a.m. to verify the report, which is when they were fired upon. Someone from inside the house began shooting. The military fired back. One person was killed and one injured, who later died.

Armed men were seen both inside and outside of the house. Two escaped on foot.

Officers began a search for the runners locating one at 8:50 a.m. He began shooting at the military vehicle. Shots returned left him dead. The fourth and final male who ran was found at 9:30 a.m. He too, opened fire against the military who fired back, killing him.