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Tabasco woman arrested in Puerto Aventuras after police locate gun, narcotics and fake uniform

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — Municipal Police in Solidaridad jailed a Puerto Aventuras woman Sunday for a variety of offenses. In a briefing, the Secretariat of Public Security of Solidaridad reported her arrest after she was found in possession of a long firearm, ammo, narcotics and a fake police uniform.

Municipal officers proceeded to arrest her from central Puerto Aventuras Sunday morning after a female citizen requested police assistance. While patrolling Águila Avenue, officers were approached by a woman who said she had just been threatened by another woman with a gun.

A description of the incident and offending woman lead police to her location. The Secretariat of Public Security says 50-year-old Amira N from the state of Tabasco was found leaving a home.

On her person was a duffel bag. Inside, police located a large bag of narcotics, drug paraphernalia, a long gun, ammunition and a fake police uniform.