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State tourist service providers could be among first vaccinated

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — With the scheduled arrival of Coronavirus vaccines a week away, state governor Carlos Joaquín González says he will look into the possibility of having tourist service providers among the first to be vaccinated.

Joaquin says that given the concern over tourist service providers continually having contact with the public, he is looking into the possibility of having their vaccinations deemed a priority.

While all initial vaccine batches into the country have been earmarked for the health care sector, Joaquin says his government will work to also make state tourist providers a priority sector.

During a radio interview, Joaquin explained that state tourist service providers are in constant contact with national and international visitors, placing them at a higher risk for contagion.

“There is no scheme aimed precisely at tourism, but there is an avenue to access these types of places faster,” he emphasized.

According to the federal government, on January 11, a first batch of the vaccines are scheduled to arrive in Quintana Roo. One batch is scheduled to land at Chetumal International and the other, at Cancun International.

“There is great concern from the health point of view due to the arrival of visitors, mainly foreigners to our country and mainly to Quintana Roo … we had a very quick response knowing that on January 11, there would be vaccination schemes,” he highlighted.

Having vaccinated tourist service providers could help with the overall perception of the region and positively contribute to the economic and tourist recovery of the state in 2021.