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State police uniforms found discarded in Chetumal disappear

Chetumal, Q.R. — A pedestrian in Chetumal was able to snap shots of several discarded police uniforms seen laying in a garbage heap. The State Police uniforms were found on a central roadway median near the Chetumal military facilities Monday.

The area pedestrian who found them snapped a few photos before reporting the discovery to 911. Municipal Police arrived to find the four uniforms, which were reportedly torn, had disappeared. According to the pedestrian and the photos, four complete State Police uniforms were tossed in a clandestine garbage pile.

The uniforms lack any sort of numbering or tagging system and cannot be traced back to any official officer. However, among the pile of garbage were personal documents that may be useful in helping to figure out why the torn uniforms were disposed of in the middle of a city street and if they actually belonged to an active officer.