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State announces police security takeover of Solidaridad

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — In a three-minute press conference, the governor of Quintana Roo announced the state’s take-over of security for the municipality of Solidaridad.

State governor Carlos Joaquín González made the announcement Tuesday that they have made the decision to assume control of the Solidaridad / Playa del Carmen police force. During his brief message, he said the decision came due to the inability of authorities to work as a team.

He also warned that those who fail to comply with the instructions of the Secretary of State Security, Alberto Capella, will assume the consequences.

During his message, Governor Carlos Joaquín González said “I have made the decision to assume the command of the Public Safety and Municipal Transit of Solidaridad. This measure comes into force as of today May 14, 2019 with the intention of restoring public order and ensuring the safety of people.

“This centralized command has had results in other municipalities in favor of the security of our people and has significantly reduced the levels of corruption and collusion of authorities with criminal groups.

“I reiterate that we will continue working in a coordinated manner with the federal government to restore tranquility to the families of Quintana Roo.

“The centralized command and the National Guard are joined by a common focus which is the prevention of crime in Quintana Roo. This centralized approach is accented by measures already in place, aimed at fighting crime through the efficient use of technology such as cameras in colonies, principal streets and in security arches at the entrance and exit of roads along with police equipment, better salaries and the integration of the C5.

“This is all based on a strategy that includes everyone to work in unity.

“This decision, in favor of the families of Quintana Roo, will surely generate resistance among those interested in maintaining the current state of affairs in order to maintain a personal image due to the inability to work as a team.

“The preventive and transit police of the municipality of Solidaridad will comply with the orders and instructions transmitted to it through the secretary of public security of the state, since the beginning of this government, we have been clear that to fight crime we need to provide more and better opportunities to people.

“I reaffirm my government’s commitment to act rigorously within the law and to continue our frontal struggle against the impunity and corruption that are the source of insecurity and violence.

“I am convinced that we will soon recover the peace and tranquility of our state, thank you very much.”

After the speech, the Secretary of Public Security of Quintana Roo, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra arrived at the municipal police headquarters of Solidaridad on Arco Vial to take control of the command and ensure police carry out their routines, which are now under the control of the state commissioner.

Members of the Mexican navy were also onsite at the Playa del Carmen headquarters to ensure a peaceful transition.

Shortly after the governor’s speech, the mayor of Playa del Carmen (municipal president of Solidaridad), Laura Beristain Navarrete, said that the decree issued by the state government to take charge of the municipal police is a coup d’état against the autonomy of Solidaridad and an unconstitutional act.

“We are not going to allow the interests of a few to usurp constitutional functions sowing terror and pretending to assume functions that do not correspond to them,” she said citing a violation of Article 115 of the Constitution which says that the command of the municipal preventive police belongs to the municipal president.