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Solidaridad approves creation of Internal Regulations for Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — The government of Solidaridad has unanimously approved the creation of the Internal Regulations of the Mayor’s Office of Puerto Aventuras. The newly approved regulations establishes the bases for its operation as well the powers and obligations of its members.

During the vote, Playa del Carmen city council also approved a reform to the outdated election regulations of the Municipal Public Administration of Solidaridad.

Solidaridad head, Lili Campos Miranda recalled the need to have these internal regulations of the Mayor’s Office of Puerto Aventuras, which she said, will come into effect within 30 calendar days.

The internal regulations voted on include the installation of the mayor’s office and its powers and obligations including treasurer and councillor powers. It also included the development of sessions, commissions of the office, the absences and permits of its members, the suspension and revocation of the mandate of its members and sanctions and appeals for review.

The reform to the Election Regulations, which was created in 2005, was approved since it was considered outdated.