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Secretary of Planning says council working on public beach access points for Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — Municipal authorities are analyzing a possible route that will allow public beach access. According to Rocío Beltrán Sánchez, Municipal Secretary of Territorial Planning, the lack of public beach points in Puerto Aventuras is an ongoing complaint of local residents.

She says the age-old problem could be resolved in the New Year. Beltrán Sánchez says a proposal for access points has already been delivered to the city council for approval.

She pointed out that one problem is the rocky coastline of Puerto Aventuras. Designating them as public beach points would be useless since residents would not be able to use them. However, they have found a route they believe can be used to access the beach, but she did not detail where it was.

She says she is hoping a decision regarding the new public beach access points for Puerto Aventuras will be made in the New Year.