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Reports of gunfire lead PDC police on chase that ended in arrests

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A police chase that turned out to involve a Playa del Carmen taxi has ended with the arrests of two. Alejandro “N” and Carlos “N” were taken into custody after a citizen report of gunfire.

Following directions from the report, police located the Playa del Carmen cab. As police neared the vehicle, they noticed the back windshield had been blown out.

The driver of the taxi lead police on a city chase that ended in the In-House region with their subsequent arrests. An inspection of the vehicle revealed more than 20 bags of marijuana. Jailed was 39-year-old Alejandro “N” from Tabasco and 38-year-old Carlos “N” from Guatemala.

Seguridad Ciudadana Solidaridad reported Friday “in response to a 9-1-1 call, Solidaridad Municipal Police officers seized two subjects and more than 20 packages with possible marijuana in the In House irregular neighborhood.

“After receiving the report of possible detonations, the Preventive Police moved to the place where they observed that a Toyota brand vehicle, type Avanza, enabled for taxi service, had its rear window broken.

“However, it accelerated and after catching up with it, those who identified themselves as Alejandro “N”, 39 from Tabasco and Carlos “N”, 38 from Guatemala, got out.”

Both men were arrested and their drugs seized. Police did not comment on the citizen reports of gunfire or the broken rear window of the taxi.