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Puerto Morelos signs multi-million-peso agreement to pay outstanding IMSS debt

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Mayor Blanca Merari says Puerto Morelos has signed an agreement to ensure a previous municipal debt is paid. On Thursday, Merari explained that the multi-million-peso IMSS employer-employee contribution debt from the previous administration will be paid.

Merari said the municipality has signed an agreement with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) to cover quotas that were not met during 2020 and 2021.

“If this agreement had not been reached with the IMSS, the institution could freeze the municipal bank accounts and intervene in the Treasury,” she said.

Merari said Puerto Morelos has 52 months to pay the outstanding debt to IMSS which includes payments for retirement insurance, unemployment and old age, and 72 months to settle the debt for employer-employee contributions, illnesses, maternity, disability, nursery and social benefits, which will begin to be covered starting this month.

The debt was generated by the omission of worker-employer payments during the last administration.

“I trust that the competent authorities will do their part and sanction the terrible acts of corruption, which have already been denounced in a timely manner, committed by the past administration to the detriment of Puerto Morelos,” she said.

“At the beginning of my administration, workers did not have guaranteed access to IMSS services, so the first action was to negotiate with the Institute’s authorities. If we had not entered into a talk with the IMSS authorities, we would be facing a legal proceeding that would have left us literally without a penny to invest in Puerto Morelos,” she reiterated.

“The signing of this agreement is transcendental due to its administrative, financial and transparency impact for the municipality of Puerto Morelos and the citizens. Today the city council signed an agreement to pay a debt to the IMSS that was inherited from the past administration,” she said detailing the amount owing to IMSS is 80.7 million.