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Puerto Morelos records arrival of first sea turtles

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The municipality of Puerto Morelos reports the arrival of the first sea turtles to lay eggs. Personnel from the Ecology Department of the City Council attended the site where the females were seen laying eggs. The director of Ecology, Nancy González González, explained that their arrival was on April 30 in Punta Brava where surveillance and awareness tours were being carried out along the federal maritime zone.

Municipal president Laura Fernández Piña said although they are in the midst of the COVID health emergency, other issues such as the Sea Turtle Protection and Conservation Program are being followed up.

“Sea turtles are of vital importance for the ecological balance of ecosystems and for this reason, within full compliance of the prevention guidelines, the personnel in charge will fulfill the corresponding tasks with the endorsement and participation of federal and state authorities,” she said.

“The first thing we do is request a permit from the Semarnat Wildlife so that that beach area of Puerto Morelos is established as a turtle camp. Notices will also be sent to businessmen, hotel managers, condominium administrators and other users of the federal maritime-terrestrial zone to notify them of the start of the season along with meetings with the State Committee and the National Park,” she explained.

Biologist Verónica Juárez reiterated the importance of conserving this species, since it contributes to the growth process of sea grasses that stabilize the beaches and regulate the populations of organisms such as jellyfish, fish, etc., among other benefits.

“There are four species that come to nest on the coasts of Quintana Roo,” she said “white, hawksbill, loggerhead and leatherback, which are under a protection status (danger of extinction) according to NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2001.”

Fernández Piña noted that on Monday, a virtual training meeting will be held with the State Committee for the Conservation, Protection and Research of Sea Turtles now that they have begun to arrive.