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Puerto Morelos mayor announces road closures, zero tolerance as country enters Phase 3

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — They mayor of Puerto Morelos says now that the country has officially entered Phase 3 of the coronavirus, additional mobility measures will be enforced in the municipality to prevent any virus spread.

Laura Fernández Piña says what is achieved today in a forceful way with everyone’s participation, will be essential to getting out of the health emergency well, while announcing stricter measures will be reinforced to minimize the presence of people on streets to deal with the health emergency.

“Puerto Morelos is one of the municipalities in Mexico with low or no transmissions. Continuing this trend will help us to regain normality sooner than expected, but that depends on what we do today. We need stay at home to prevent an outbreak of the disease in our communities because we are not exempt from that happening,” she warned.

Laura Fernández recalled that there is only one case assigned to the municipality and it was not registered in the town, but was a resident who returned to Mexico from Europe where she received the diagnosis while in Mexico City where she remains.

Laura Fernández announced that beginning Thursday, there will be permanent closure of roads throughout the municipality to inhibit vehicular circulation, asking that people only take to streets to purchase food and / or medication.

She noted that 24-hour pharmacies will not be able to sell non-health products after 6:00 p.m. adding that hardware stores, which are another essential business, will not be able to sell construction material.

“It will be strictly prohibited for more than one person to enter supermarkets per family and for children, pregnant women and older adults to enter. We will also impose restrictions on public transport to avoid contact between people who, due to belonging to an essential activity or who come to supply themselves with food and medicine, have to leave home,” she indicated.

Laura Fernández pointed out that the presence of people in the municipal public parks will not be allowed for any reason.

In order to enforce these provisions, she announced that the Quintana Roo Police of Puerto Morelos and Inspection personnel will increase their surveillance routes, explaining that those who do not abide will be subject to arrest, administrative sanctions and even closures.

“The priority right now is to save lives and protect the most vulnerable, so we must reduce social mobility as much as possible and respect each one of the measures put in place. We must become aware of the importance of staying at home and continuing with hygiene habits. Today’s sacrifices will be tomorrow’s rewards,” she concluded.