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Puerto Aventuras residents granted two public beaches

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — After years of battling for public beach access points, two have been officially designated for the town of Puerto Aventuras.

The two points have become official after their publication in the Diario Oficial de la Federación which states that the town will open two public beach areas, both located in the area of Xpuhá.

Local activist Orlando Cox, who together with other residents, have led the fight that has finally resulted in the two public beaches.

“Here we have the two documents that confirm what I say, that there are two beach access points for the town of Puerto Aventuras that are located a few meters from the entrance of the town.

“We are talking about Xpuhá II and Xpuhá IV (…) we have recovered dignity as citizens because I think it is fair that they stop trampling our pride as Mexicans,” Cox said.

He added “We are working people and it is not acceptable that they are marginalizing us, that they discriminate against us on our own land and on our beaches. This is what we have said all along.

“It is humiliating, shameful to a Mexican, more to a native as we are natives of the region, forbidden to go on the beaches, many times labeling us as criminals.

“What we have been asking for was dignified public access to our beach.”

After the publication in Diario Oficial de la Federación, those requesting the beach access points will have to meet with authorities to begin the process of turning it into a public beach area.