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Police detain man for breaking into parked vehicle at Playa del Carmen shopping mall

Playa del Carmen. Q.R. — Elements of the Municipal Police of Solidaridad have recovered the belongings of a citizen and arrested a subject for the probable crime of theft.

In a statement, it was announced that police attempted to stop the man who was circulating aboard a vehicle in the Centro neighborhood of Playa del Carmen, but who ignored police and instead, tried to flee.

Police were successful in locating and questioning him about the suitcases and items he was carrying in the back of the vehicle. Since he could not prove legal ownership of the items, he was arrested. The man was accused of stealing from vehicle that was parked at a shopping center in Playa del Carmen.

After police received the report of theft, they were able to track down the vehicle in question, which is when they found the stash of stolen merchandise. The people who made the theft report were able to verify their property.

The detainee, who has not been named, was made available to the Public Ministry for the crime of theft.