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Playa del Carmen police filter three out-of-state vehicles of armed men

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Three vehicles of armed men were captured in Playa del Carmen after passing through a municipal police filter. A total of 13 men, three vehicles and nine loaded weapons were seized by police as the result of a chase.

The arrests took place near a highway gas station on Playa del Carmen Boulevard after the vehicles were seen passing through the number 2 highway filter. As they vehicles slowed to pass through, police detected weapons.

Elements of the Municipal and State Police, National Guard and Mexican Army participated in the capture of the 13 men. Vehicles were deployed to capture the three vehicles that ended within city limits after a lengthy highway chase.

During a search of the now-detained men, officers found them in possession of nine short weapons, communication radios, five chargers and the three trucks that included a Dodge Ram with Chiapas plates, a TRX with Tabasco plates and an Escalade also with Chiapas plates.

The 13 men captured Sunday night range in ages from 48 to 22 and are all identified as being from the states of Tabasco and Chiapas.

Playa del Carmen police filter three out-of-state vehicles of armed men
Police capture 13 men from the states of Chiapas and Tabasco in three vehicles carrying nine loaded weapons. Photo: January 21, 2024

Those captured have been named as Tomás LG, 48 from Tabasco, Leonardo SG, 28 from Veracruz, José Romualdo CL, 28 from Tabasco, Manuel Antonio FP, 27 from Tabasco, Daniel del Carmen MA, 27 from Tabasco, Antonio EB, 33 from Tabasco, Ricky Deibi MT, 39 from Chiapas, René Emilio PD 20 from Tabasco, Ricardo Moisés GM, 26 from Chiapas, Luis Manuel PH, 22 from Chiapas, Roberto Carlos MJ, 24 from Tabasco, Jesús Ernesto CG, 20 from Tabasco and Jesús Alfredo GG, 28 and also from Tabasco.