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MIA work started for construction of secondary Puerto Morelos road

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A request for the provisional Environmental Impact Statement for a secondary road in Puerto Morelos has been submitted. The secondary road will be built and used to transport the stone material arriving from Cuba.

Armando Lara De Nigris, head of the Secretariat for Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (Sedetus) in Quintana Roo, said work is being done with the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) on the provisional Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) for the alternate road.

He explained that the road will be constructed next to the existing José María Morelos highway and used by the industrial dump trucks to transport the more than 2.2 million tons of stone expected to arrive between March and December.

“On March 3 they submitted the request for the provisional MIA. I helped them with the draft to start the work on an alternate road,” he said.

The stone will be unloaded in Puerto Morelos and transported by land to Leona Vicario. Until the alternate road is built, they will use the main roads in and out of the Old Town.

Once the alternate road is built, it will be used to transport the stone material until December. After that, it will be converted for public use.

What is sought, in addition to having a road for the transfer of material that does not affect citizens, is to improve the wetland areas on both sides of the road.

“It will be a nuisance for 10 months for citizens, but it will turn out to be something good with a boulevard, an avenue, with twice the capacity of what currently exists with bike paths, bus stops,” Lara De Nigris said.

With the adaptations, the main access to Puerto Morelos will be able to double its width, but with the hydrological steps for a lower impact on the environment, it will guarantee hydrological flows and improve the quality of vegetation.

“Maybe a week or two we can start doing studies, have the project and start working on the definitive MIA’s,” he added.