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Mexico sets restrictions on Venezuelan airlines landing in Cancun after passengers found not returning home

Cancun, Q.R. — Venezuelan airlines will be allowed to resume flights into Cancun, but only on conditions. The conditions were set after the Federal Agency of Mexican Civil Aviation (AFAC) paused the air traffic to Cancun for failing to comply with aviation regulations.

At least four Venezuelan airlines were affected. Darío Flota Ocampo, director of the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council (CPTQ), explained that three of the four companies have had their routes reduced to one flight per week, while Conviasa will be the only airline that will continue normally.

“Apparently some were operating with regular airline permits and others, as a charter airline, which have different conditions. Conviasa, which is a regular line, is the one that will continue to operate without changes.”

“The others, as of September, will have a reduction in their frequencies until the time comes for them to obtain the papers as a regular line,” explained the official.

Venezuelan airlines Avior, Estelar and Rutaca have had their connections to Cancun reduced to one operation per week. This, after the AFAC (Agencia Federal de la Aviación Civil Mexicana) detected that around 35 percent of the passengers they transported did not return to their South American country.

According to the CPTQ, they detected that of 900 Venezuelan passengers arriving in Cancun weekly, more than 300 were staying behind to work illegally.

For this reason, he explained, the flights to Cancun were paused, and after a meeting with the directors of the airlines, it was decided that their return would be conditional.

Last month, the AFAC announced a suspension on flights between Caracas and Cancun after the airport managing company, ASUR, reported around 35 percent of those passengers were not returning home.