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AFAC suspends flights between Caracas and Cancun after airport reports around 35 percent do not return home

Cancun, Q.R. — Several airlines will have to suspend their operations between the city of Caracas and Cancun after receiving a notification from the Agencia Federal de la Aviación Civil Mexicana (AFAC).

The suspension comes after the government of Mexico continually detected that more Venezuelan passengers are arriving in Mexico than leaving. The AFAC notified airlines that only some flights will be authorized to land at Cancun International.

In response to the notification, Avior Airlines said that they will suspend, until further notice, flights on the Caracas-Cancun route. The company said in the opposite direction, Cancun-Caracas, they have authorization for flights on Fridays at 12:15 until September 3, 2021.

“By order of the Federal Agency of Mexican Civil Aviation – AFAC (…) we inform you that flights on the Caracas-Cancun route, as of August 19, 2021, are suspended until further notice,” published Avior in a brief statement.

In the case of Estelar, flights from Caracas to Cancun were halted on August 16. The airline has been authorized to land at Cancun International on August 20, 23, 27 and 30 pick up its Venezuelan passengers from Cancun.

The AFAC notification also indicates that as of September 1, no more than five flights per month will be authorized with passengers from Caracas or any other point in Venezuela to Cancun or any other point in Mexico, since an irregularity has been observed in the flow of passengers.

The government of Mexico has said that based on their statistical data provided by the Cancun International Airport, approximately 35 percent of passengers arriving in Cancun from Venezuela do not return to their country, which the Mexican government points out, violates the conditions of the authorization granted by the AFAC, which covers the sale of round-trip air transport service.