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Mexico sends 13 planes of technicians and equipment to help fight massive Cuba oil fire

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico continues to help Cuba battle its stubborn oil fire that has been burning since Friday. The massive fire, located at Matanzas Terminal approximately 130 kilometers from Havana, continues to spread.

Mexico has sent 13 aid flights and a logistics support ship to the island in hopes of helping extinguish the fire that has claimed the life of at least one firefighter. On Tuesday, the country found itself in the midst of massive blackouts and 40 percent of its main fuel storage facility destroyed.

Oil fire fighting specialists from Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico continue to battle the inferno. Mexico has sent 13 flights into the country with technicans, firefighters, equipment and fire control substances.

More than 120 people were injured during the initial start of the fire. Of those, 103 have since been discharged from hospital. At least 14 people remain unaccounted for.

The fire started Friday night after lightning struck one of the eight tanks at the fuel storage base. Cuban authorities have describe it as the worst fire in the country’s history.