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Mexico agrees to $1.5 billion USD in border projects over next two years

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico has agreed to invest more than a billion USD in border infrastructure over the next two years. The agreement was made during the Tuesday Washington meeting between Presidents Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and Joe Biden.

“Mexico has committed to investing $1.5 billion dollars in border infrastructure between 2022 and 2024,” both presidents explained in a joint statement after their meeting.

The infrastructure will include projects that will see the modernization of the Mexico-U.S. border crossings in order to improve and guarantee security. These resources will complement the $3.4 billion that the U.S. President’s administration has already allocated.

On the topic of border and immigration, both said they will maintain “strong border control policies” while ensuring the “full protection of human rights” of migrants.

Mexico will spend the $1.5 billion in border infrastructure and equipment for the review and processing of migrants.

“Stronger, more efficient and more secure borders will enhance our shared trade. We are committed like never before to completing a joint, multi-year effort to modernize the border infrastructure between the United States and Mexico for projects along the 3,200-kilometer border,” the statement said.

Biden’s bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes $3.4 billion for 26 major construction and modernization projects at the northern and southern border land ports of entry.

“These land port modernization projects will create well-paying local jobs, strengthen safety and make the economy more resilient to supply chain challenges, while serving as models of sustainability and innovation,” he said.