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Mayor confirms Guardia Nacional arriving in Cancun for July

Cancun, Q.R. — The mayor of Cancun has confirmed the arrival of 600 members of the National Guard for Cancun in the month of July.

The municipal president of Benito Juárez, Mara Lezama, confirmed that in July, 600 elements of the Guardia Nacional will arrive to support security work in the municipality.

In a recent meeting with the federal government and Alfonso Durazo Montaño, the Secretario de Seguridad y Protección Ciudadana, Lezama said that the issue of insecurity for the city of Cancun was addressed.

“We talked about the National Guard, which is extremely important. We talked about the issue of the single command and we talked about when the National Guard would arrive in Benito Juarez, which will be more-or-less in the month of July.

“In its first stage, the National Guard will be approximately 600 people that we would have among the Police of the Navy, Federal and Military, so altogether, they have to give a total of 600 elements,” explained the mayor.

Some of those that will be assigned to Cancun are already in the city to begin putting together the operation of the Guardia Nacional, working with city council members to find the regions of the municipality that require attention in order to deal with the crime.

Mara Lezama explained that there is a backing of support in security matters because of the importance of the tourist destination at the national level, so regarding the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, “we are on the radar.”

The mayor added that she will also keep in touch with the Undersecretary of Public Safety and Citizen Protection of the Federal Government, Leonel Cota Montaño, to verify budget alternatives for security assistance in Cancun.

The mayor added that in the near future, the Town Council of Benito Juárez will approve the Single Command and only changes will be made to guidelines that also have the approval of the state government.

The Single Command is currently operated by the head of the Public Security Secretariat of Quintana Roo, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra.