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Mathey Cruz to propose another 1,200 security cameras for Cancun streets

Cancun, Q.R. — A proposal is in the works to add another 1,200 security cameras to Cancun streets. José Pablo Mathey Cruz, the Secretary of Public Security of Cancun, said he intends to make the proposal to the city.

“We believe that this proposal has a great chance of coming to fruition because it is a very important project and it is needed to provide greater results (…) it is true that elements are needed, but with this technology, that need is also minimized.”

He said the money to make the purchase of the 1,200 cameras could come from the Environmental Sanitation fees that are collected from tourist establishments and would be installed in the most high-risk areas of the city such as region 251, Prado Norte and the Villas Otoch Paraíso subdivision where there is higher criminal activity.

Another 1,200 cameras would mean a 65 to 70 percent coverage of Cancun streets.

“The city is very big. We would be talking about installing these cameras in the new areas and making them hot spots,” he added.

He also said that there are many main avenues in Cancun that still lack security cameras. Another 1,200 cameras, he said, would expand the coverage of C2 and C5 in Cancun. At the moment, there are 179 security cameras connected to the C2 and 1,500 connected to the city’s C5.