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López Obrador says his new airline project will be operational with the Maya Train

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says his new airline project will be operational around the same time as the Maya Train.

During his Monday morning press conference from Campeche, he argued that the creation of the airline will contribute to the optimization of the aviation transportation system in Mexico and will allow more accessible costs to the public.

“So with the new line, with the management of the airports in a comprehensive plan, surely there will be more trips, the price of the ticket will drop and, if necessary, we will allow what is called cabotage, that the foreign companies can arrive in Cancun, be allowed to go to Campeche and Mexico City,” he explained.

He estimated that the new airline will be in operation by the end of 2023. He said meanwhile, he continues talks with workers of the extinct Mexicana de Aviación with the purpose of using the name of that project.

“It will be next to the start of operation of the Maya Train and the appraisal of the Mexicana brand is being made to present the workers, both active and retired, who have already accepted that the brand can be delivered in exchange for a reward that is going to be set according to an appraisal that is already being carried out,” he explained.

Last month, AMLO announced that the federal government was considering the idea of a state-owned airline operated by the company Olmeca-Maya-Mexica.