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López-Gatell reports covid-19 cases on the rise due to cold weather

Mexico City, Mexico — Covid-19 cases across Mexico have been on the rise for eight consecutive week. On Tuesday, the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez reported on the increases.

He said that due to the low temperatures, Covid-19 cases in Mexico have increased during the last eight weeks, however, hospital admissions remain at minimum levels.

“We have seen an increasing number of cases for eight weeks (…) Fortunately, this situation has remained very consistent where cases are increasing, but hospitalizations are increasing at a much lower rate,” he said.

The winter season, he said, causes a higher frequency of respiratory diseases, mainly those transmitted by viruses adding that vaccines have helped.

“We continue to invite anyone who has not been vaccinated to do so at the vaccination posts. (…) To fathers, mothers or other relatives to take their daughters and sons from five to eleven years old to be vaccinated. There are still vaccines available for this age group,” he stressed.

López-Gatell explained that vaccinations against seasonal influenza exceeded the estimated goal. He said over 27.6 million influenza shots were applied from October to December 16.

This vaccine, he said, is aimed primarily at young children and adults over 60, adding that vaccines are still available around the country.

Last week, more than 4.9 million Cuban anti-covid-19 vaccines arrived at the Mexico City International Airport. The shipment of vaccines is part of the country’s booster shot program to help curb rising covid-19 figures.