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INM: Man denied entry at Cancun International failed to meet requirements

Cancun, Q.R. — The recent denial of entry into Mexico of a Colombian national at Cancun International was due to a failure to meet entry requirements. According to the National Migration Institute (INM), the young male passenger failed to provide the necessary information for entry, including proof of a return ticket.

The INM said Stevan “N”, a Colombian national, was not admitted at the Cancun International Airport after landing at Terminal II on the afternoon of January 18.

In an official statement, the INM said he was denied entry into Mexico for several reasons that included failure to comply with the requirements of the Immigration Law and its Regulations.

According to the INM, Stevan “N” did not provide a place of residence or lodging during his stay in Cancun. “When asked about the place where he would stay, the person indicated that he had a reservation at a hotel, however, when the Immigration Agents verified the reservation, it did not exist.”

INM also said he did not provide proof of transportation used to leave the country. “He did not show his return plane ticket and did not check means of subsistence during your stay in national territory.”

The immigration agency said “the foreign person changed the versions of his statements and showed inconsistencies in the questions asked, which is why the immigration authority decided to deny his entry into the country.

“During his stay at the INM office at the Cancun International Airport, he was given the right to have telephone communication with family, friends and the consulate, notifying his diplomatic representation.

“On Friday, January 19, the foreigner filed an Amparo lawsuit for incommunicado detention, deportation and expulsion. Given this legal appeal, the INM is unable to carry out the air return through the airline in which it arrived in Cancun, until the judge makes a final decision.”

Stevan “N” arrived in Cancun on a 4:00 p.m. flight from Colombia January 18. According to local media, the 20-something-year-old intended to celebrate an upcoming birthday in Cancun, however, he was denied entry into the country, which according to the INM, was for failure to meet entry requirements.