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Governor implements mobility restrictions again for city of Chetumal

Chetumal, Q.R. — “The objective is to control and mitigate the wave of infections, avoid a red epidemiological light, save lives and move forward in economic recovery,” reported governor Carlos Joaquin.

He says faced with the rebound in covid-19 infections, the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) and the State Secretariat of Health (SESA) will carry out extraordinary actions on his order after issuing an alert for the municipalities of Othón P. Blanco and Bacalar, where there is already a 91 percent increase in new covid-19 cases.

While preventative health actions are maintained throughout the state, he says there is a chance of the southern region returning to red.

“We have managed to maintain an orange epidemiological light from August 30 to September 5, but there is a risk of going back to red in the southern zone,” said Governor Carlos Joaquín.

With this, main streets in the city of Chetumal will be closed from midnight to 5:00 a.m. Inspection posts will be set up in different parts of the city where police will verify that people use face masks and carry out the established sanitary measures.

Control posts will also be set up and the entrance of the city where temperatures will be taken and the sanitizing of private and public service vehicles will occur.

He says his concern at the moment is to reinforce prevention habits, mainly in Othón P. Blanco and Bacalar where the hospital occupancy rates, speed of contagion and new infections are on the rise.

Joaquin also reported that he has requested more than 300,000 doses of vaccines from the federal government’s Ministry of Health for laggards who could not or did not have the opportunity to get vaccinated.

“We are waiting and I will inform you in a timely manner as soon as they arrive in the state,” he said.