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Governor clarifies Cancun’s violent protesters from Veracruz, Mexico City

Cancun, Q.R. — State governor Carlos Joaquin says that the violent protesters from the previous Sunday arrived to Cancun from Veracruz and Mexico City. “As an advance of the investigations, we confirm that the groups that violently broke into the march last Sunday come from Veracruz and CDMX,” he wrote on social media.

He said the groups, which were responsible for violently breaking into public offices and destroying city property in last Sunday’s demonstrations in Cancun, did so to generate fear.

The governor said that they are groups with selfish, political or perhaps electoral interests, only to generate fear. Carlos Joaquín pointed to infiltrators in the demonstration noting that they were paid by local political actors who have not yet been formally identified.

On November 9, a peaceful demonstration against femicide was held in Cancun that took a turn during the evening hours when police used live ammunition to disperse crowds. From that, the secretary of Public Security of the state, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra and the director of Public Security of Benito Juárez, Eduardo Santamaría, were dismissed from their positions.

Days later, a second group of protesters violently stormed city hall. This group, Joaquin says, was likely politically fueled.