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Cancun riot caused by provocateurs and vandals says governor

Cancun, Q.R. — Governor Carlos Joaquín has released a pubic message regarding the events that took place in Cancun Sunday when demonstrators created chaos that again, had police out in riot gear.

In a public statement, Carlos Joaquin said that a peaceful demonstration of women in favor of guarantees for their rights was used by provocateurs who, with vandalism, caused destruction to public facilities and property.

The Sunday march was attended by “provocateurs and vandals” who arrived from other states. He said they were groups of people wearing ski masks and backpacks that have nothing to do with the legitimate causes of women, adding that they were hired to cause destruction, generate fear among the population and affect the prestige of the tourist destination.

“These are not feminist groups. In reality, they are paid anarchists who attacked the peace of the city as well as public servants and property, clearly transgressing the limits of the law,” said Carlos Joaquín

The governor said that they are investigating those believed responsible for sponsoring the destructive demonstrations against the state, adding that they have images of some known leaders linked to political groups, adding that the acts will not go unpunished.

Carlos Joaquín stressed that in the face of the aggression, the Quintana Roo police acted in accordance within the use-of-force protocols at the time when the level of violence put the integrity of citizens and public servants at risk.

“Intelligence activities, preparation and planning coordinated with the Federation and the Benito Juárez City Council allowed us not to fall into provocations, to act in accordance with the law, with respect for human rights,” he said.

On Sunday, these demonstrators used the march for femicide as a reason to generate chaos in the form of fires and rioting that lasted about four hours. Cancun police, outfitted in riot fear, formed human shields to contain the group and prevent additional public damage.

As a result, governor Joaquin said 16 people were arrested and are being investigated for their participation in the Sunday demonstration of vandalism of municipal offices. Three Cancun police officers were injured during the Sunday riot.