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Four accused of Playa del Carmen bank card theft found carrying 10 cards

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Elements of the Preventive Municipal Police in Solidaridad have arrested four people for the crime of theft after they were found carrying nearly a dozen bank cards.

The arrests were made by la Policía Municipal Preventiva outside a centrally located grocery store that offers ATM service. The four were taken into police custody after an ATM user from inside the store flagged down police, explaining that unknown subjects had asked for assistance using the machine when he realized his own card had been stolen.

With a description of the three men and one woman team, police set out to locate the four accused of stealing the bank card. Police successfully located the four and upon a search of their person, found 10 bank cards from various banks.

The presence of police around the city has been increased due to Buen Fin. The four were handed over to the State Attorney General’s Office, who will be responsible for determining their legal status. The 10 bank cards are also being investigated to determine if they were stolen or are clones.