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Feds find pure cocaine hidden in pickup double bottom

Tenosique, Tabasco — Elements of the Attorney General’s Office report the seizure of a shipment of cocaine that was being transported by traffickers in a modified double-bottom pickup truck.

La Fiscalía General de la República (FGR) en Tabasco says the truck was pulled over by la Policía Federal Ministerial (PFM) for a checkpoint inspection around midnight on the Tenosique-La Palma roadway.

The two occupants inside the old model Chiapas-plated vehicle were removed from the truck while military personnel inspected with the aid of a narcotics dog. The dog marked the vehicle positive for drugs, which is when they discovered a double-bottom in the bed of the old red truck, which was used to conceal 124 packages of pure cocaine.

The FGR reports the cargo seized was just over 111 kilos of pure cocaine in addition to four bottles containing liquid drugs. Arrested were 58-year-old Eristeban N and 27-year-old Jhovany N, both from Palenque, Chiapas.

The pair were taken into custody and transported to the FGR headquarters in Villahermosa where they are being held for investigation.