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Elderly Cancun woman found abandoned taken to home

Cancun, Q.R. — Specialized police officers in Cancun attended to an elderly woman seen sitting in the rain during the recent cold snap. Police from the Specialized Group for Attention to Domestic and Gender Violence (Geavig) located the woman in SM 95.

She was found sitting on a rock in the rain after being seen wandering the streets alone. She told officers that she was waiting for her son to arrive to pick her up but he did not show up and she did not know how to get home on her own.

The officers proceeded to drive her to her house, however, when they arrived, no one was there. A review of their database revealed that the woman had been attended to by Geavie (Grupo Especializado en Atención a la Violencia Intrafamiliar y de Género) in the past.

Due to her ongoing situation, she was transferred to an elderly home in Cancun.