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Cozumel man receives 5,200 fine for abusing horse during parade

Cozumel, Q.R. — The City of Cozumel confirmed a fine of just over 5,200 peso against a man who hit his horse during the recent Revolution Day parade, adding that in case of recidivism, he could lose his animal.

The fine for animal abuse was handed down after a video by a parade spectator showed how the horse did not want to move forward, apparently for having a back leg injury. Angry, the rider dismounted and kicked the horse in the stomach in addition to slapping his nose.

After a review of the video by authorities, the horseman, who has been identified as Oswald A.R., was given a fine.

Through a statement, the Deputy Director of Health Saúl Burgos Pat, said that this person was sanctioned 5,236 peso for animal abuse, conduct penalized in the Animal Welfare Regulation.

The deputy director went with inspectors and the legal coordinator to the stable to notify Oswald A.R. of his sanction. Burgos Pat emphasized that in the event of repeat abuse, the horse would be seized by the Animal Control Center.

This is the second time in as many months that Cozumel has fined animal owners for abuse. The first was in September when a man was fined 8,000 peso for repeated offenses of failing to provide shade, food and water to his dog, who was often left exposed to full sun.