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Cozumel fishermen rescued after boat capsizes

Cozumel, Q.R. — Four Cozumel fishermen were pulled from the sea Thursday after their boat sank.

The four were near Punta Sur when their boat began to take on water, forcing the crew out. One crew member managed to swim to shore, while the other three waited with life vests for a rescue.

The fishermen say that it was shortly after 7:00 p.m. when they headed out in their boat and noticed that it was taking on water due to the high waves, however, there was nothing they could do. Within minutes, the boat had capsized.

A nearby boat who witnessed the sinking was quick to the scene, pulling the men on board to safety.

One of the men, who was a senior citizen, required medical attention. The other three were not reported injured. An ambulance was waiting on shore along with Municipal Police who escorted the ambulance.

On board the vessel were local fishermen 24-year-old Juan Luis Canul Dzul, Pedro Alanis Bosada also 24, Saúl Ernesto Pech Basto, 16 and 63-year-old Toribio Basto Araujo, who suffered water intake.