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Punta Esmeralda cenote in Playa del Carmen shut due to over use

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Municipal authorities have temporarily closed access to the cenote at Punta Esmeralda. The small cenote area has been closed off with tape and a sign alerting swimmers that is has been shut.

María de Lourdes Várguez, head of Solidaridad Zofemat, said the cenote has been closed “to give it a break” and prevent environmental deteriorating. De Lourdes said they have noticed sediment in the water due to the excess loads of swimmers and the lack of fresh water current, which she explained, is due to the dry season.

“Due to the excessive arrival of visitors, these water outlets are being affected …the cenote is no longer being oxygenated according to the natural cycle that it should have,” she explained, adding that on Monday, more than 2,100 people were recorded at Punta Esmeralda.

De Lourdes also noted that there is no set date for the reopening of the cenote since that will depend on its own natural recovery.