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Cancun nautical sector to undergo increased surveillance to insure health protocols are followed

Cancun, Q.R. — While the state of Quintana Roo continues in an orange epidemiological light, the governor says authorities will focus on helath protocols of the nautical sector.

Governor Carlos Joaquin says vigilance and compliance with health protocols in tourist services such as the nautical sector will be increased due to illegal parties and overcrowding taking place on boats.

Francisco Fernández Millán, president of the Quintana Roo Nautical Associates mentioned that most of the vessels that provide services have implemented the protocols since last year, however, there are also many private vessels and pirate tourist boats that do not comply.

He says that an increase in surveillance it is a positive step since it will provide greater security in the face of the pandemic.

“Today we are meeting with Miguel Pino Murillo, director of Protection against Health Risks, in order to reinforce the guidelines to be 100 percent. We are going to help to reinforce and thus complement the health security measures,” he added.

He explained that reinforcing the supervision by health authorities will also help detect vessels that are not registered with the Port Authority and do not have a license or permits to operate.

There are reportedly around 1,600 vessels in operation that must be responsible during the pandemic, especially in the face of the increase in covid cases that are being registered in the state.

The governor says that the decision to increase surveillance came after authorities detected boats holding clandestine parties, for which, he says, there will be more inspections. Anyone found guilty will be fined and will risk a closure (in the case of a business) and / or the revocation of permits.