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Cancun nautical sector added to growing list of companies requesting proof of vaccination or negative PCR test

Cancun, Q.R. — As of July 26, nautical workers in Cancun will have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test in order to work. Visitors who wish to board a boat will also have to do the same. More than 1,600 boats operating out of Cancun are expected to join in efforts to reduce increasing covid figures.

Francisco Fernández Millán, president of the Asociados Náuticos de Quintana Roo explained that the nautical sector is next to join collaborators from the restaurant and hotel sector.

“It will depend on each company if the employees are tested by their boss. In the event that a collaborator does not want to be vaccinated, they have the support of the Ministry of Labor,” he said. Workers who do not want to present the vaccination certificate must have a negative test every five days.

Fernández Millán said that now that the state has begun the vaccination program for the 18-year-old group, they are not anticipating any major problems since many have already received their first shot.

For visitors, PCR tests or vaccination certificates will also be requested.

The new health measure is part of a package of points announced by the state government last week and which will also be applied by all members of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Food Industry (Canirac).