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Cancun combis belonging to Maya Caribe temporarily stop circulating due to ongoing threats

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun public transport drivers with Maya Caribe have temporarily stopped circulating. On Monday, after a week of numerous assaults, the company decided to stop circulation.

Their decision to pull their drivers from Cancun streets Monday morning came after renewed social medial threats against the company surfaced. After the public units were parked, thousands of Cancun residents were left in longer-than-usual lines to take another form of public transportation.

The order to pull their units was given around 10:00 a.m. Monday. Drivers of the company returned to their station and parked while a Cancun police truck sat outside the company compound.

For more than a week, the company has been the initial target of both shootings and fires against their units. Drivers have been threatened with two reportedly being killed due to the attacks.

Although two arrests were made, the threats and destruction continues. Nearly a dozen of their Cancun units have been targeted by either bullets or Molotov cocktails, which has left several completely destroyed.

For the time being, the units are being secured at their facilities near Nichupté Avenue.