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Three more detained for violence against Cancun combis

Cancun, Q.R. — Three more people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in shootings against Cancun public transport companies. On Friday, two more public transportation units suffered damage. One was set on fire and the other shot at while circulating on Cancun streets.

In a joint effort between the State Secretariat of Public Security and the National Guard, three men were taken into police custody for their alleged involvement. The men, identified as Kevin V, Miguel G and Ovalado M, have been arrested for extortion.

The FGE says the three men are believed to be involved in the destruction of nine Cancun public transportation units belonging to at least two different companies. Their arrests came Friday after a Cancun combi driver was physically threatened by two armed men.

On Friday morning, the men forced the combi driver to a dirt road where they set his unit on fire. The incident was captured on city surveillance cameras, which lead to their arrests. When taken into custody, police found them in possession of phones and numerous SIM cards believed used for extortion calls.

Two vehicles were also seized.

On Thursday, Cancun police detained three youths believed responsible for the shooting events that were taking place against the public transport units.