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Three youths detained in targeted shooting of Cancun combis

Cancun, Q.R. — On Thursday, two more Cancun public transport units were targeted in another bullet attack. The two combi vans, both belonging to Maya Caribe, were shot at before attackers fled.

The first incident happened just before noon Thursday in SM 249 in the Cielo Nuevo subdivision. The driver was able to escape unharmed. The second incident took place in SM 313 around 1:30 p.m., leaving the driver with undisclosed injuries. Witnesses told police the van was shot at when it came to a stop to collect passengers.

It is the third targeted attack against the company in a week. To date, a total of eight public Cancun units belonging to three different companies have been attacked either by fire or bullets. An official motive for the attacks has not yet been clarified.

On Wednesday, the driver of a Maya Caribe van was stopped by men in a car while driving his unit. After an exchange of words, the van was shot at, leaving the driver to flee on foot.

After this latest attack, the Policía de Quintana Roo were successful in locating and arresting three male youths believed responsible. On Thursday, Hernán N, Hugo N and Silverio N were taken into police custody from Rancho Viejo Avenue in Cancun.