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Cancun city officials close 15 developments to curb irregular settlements

Cancun, Q,R. — After the recent closure of 15 clandestine developments in Alfredo V. Bonfil in Cancun, the city says they will continue to work on a solution to the development of irregular settlements.

Armando Lara Denigris, municipal secretary of Ecology and Urban Development for Cancun says that there are about 125 irregular settlements in the municipality of Benito Juárez, adding that part of the problem is the illegal sale of land.

He explained that people are arriving and buying, what they believe, are inexpensive plots of land in which to live, but that these land plots are illegal. Lara Denigris says that the city recently went around the municipality and closed down 15 clandestine developments, which he says, the city hopes will help solve the problem of irregular settlements.

He noted that the first step is to curb the growth of these settlements, which was the reason municipal officials, along with state government authorities, inspected and closed the illegal developments.

“The bad thing in the case of Bonfil is that lots were traded illegally. There are other settlements where people come to land and inhabit them, which is also a problem, but here in this case, they were profiting,” he explained.

Lara says the city is working on a plan to provide a solution to the area, which includes devising the layout of streets, equipment areas, shops and more. The plan is without a delivery deadline, he noted, but as soon as its bases are available, a representation of the owners will be included, “who are not ejidatarios, since they already have titles, but they kept that name,” he said.

In total, he points out that there are about 125 irregular settlements in the municipality, some of which have been established for several years, adding that every week there are work meetings for their regularization.