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Cancun anti-riot police respond after protestors of former garbage collection company block avenue

Cancun, Q.R. — Anti-riot police were sent to central Cancun Monday afternoon after dozens of protesters used garbage trucks to block Tulum Avenue. The avenue, one of Cancun’s main traffic arteries, was blocked by people and garbage trucks, affecting traffic for nearly six hours.

The protesters were from the city’s previous garbage collection company Intelligencia México, who arrived on Tulum Avenue Monday afternoon with trucks. While some protesters demanded pay, others demanded the return of company units.

Cancun secretary general Flor Ruiz Cosio, who went to the scene, said “we spoke with the group of protesters. We explained to them that we do not have any debt with the company and that the seized units were due to a lack of plates and documentation to circulate on city streets.”

However, her explanation did little to motive protesters to leave. Anti-riot police were given the green light by the Secretary of Security, Rubén Oyarvide Pedrero, to activate protocol and clear the city’s avenue.

Tow trucks were sent in to remove the units being used to block the city’s busy roadway. Hundreds of anti-riot police arrived and were met with stones.

While a few operators removed their units themselves, another six were removed from the Cancun roadway by tow trucks and transferred to the corralón of the Traffic Directorate. The ex-garbage collection company is owned by former Cancun mayor Carlos Canabal Ruiz, who last year, lost the contract due to a series of breaches.