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Branch of Universidad Tecnológica planned for Tulum canceled

Tulum, Q.R. — Abraham Rodríguez Herrera, director of the Institute of Educational Infrastructure of Quintana Roo (Ifeqroo) says plans to build a university branch in Tulum has been canceled.

On Thursday, the head of the agency said plans to built the university were “due to a lack of time” in the change of land use. “Time got us,” he said during a press conference, adding that “time no longer allows us to start this project as announced.”

The director of Ifeqroo said that the Multiple Contribution Fund program, from which the resources were obtained, have been returned.

He said that they will continue working on other options for the construction of a campus. One of those options, he said, is to work with Semarnat regarding the change of land use of the 20 hectares donated by the municipality.

The other option being processed is to find another plot of land closer to the urban area that allows for a change of land use, land, he said, that is already included in the Urban Development master plan.

In February, Tulum mayor Marciano Dzul Caamal led the formalization of signatures to provide a 20-hectare plot of land for the upcoming facility, which was supposed to be a branch of the Technological University for Tulum.

At the time, Caamal said that construction of Universidad Tecnológica would cost around 40 million peso and be built along the road that leads to the town of Coba.

“Next year, authorities will see the feasibility of re-applying to the Federation for the unused money that was returned to the coffers of the Federal Government,” he said.