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Bacalar Lagoon gradually recovering its seven colors

Bacalar, Q.R. — While the colors of the Bacalar Lagoon slowly recover, the problem of runoff water contamination continues. Nicanor Piña Ugalde, president of the Committee of Magical Towns of Bacalar said the lagoon is gradually recovering its seven colors and it currently at four or five.

“The lagoon is recovering its colors. Of the seven colors, we already have four or five colors, which is something that we have to make known on social networks,” he said adding that the lack of color in the lagoon has had a slight affect on tourism.

“We had a regular season at Easter with tourism. It is already recovering a little, but we must bear in mind that the lagoon has affected us a little in that regard because people want to see it as they had seen it and since the lagoon is not in its fullness, tourism has dropped a bit,” he explained.

Piña Ugalde added that it is important to equip the Ejido villages that face the lagoon to reduce the pollution and the clouding of the water.