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Attempt at police evasion leads to arrest of three in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen., Q.R. — A vehicle that attempted to evade police ended up catching their attention, leading to the arrest of three in Playa del Carmen.

Three people were taken into custody by Policía Municipal when they were noticed acting nervous, making a sudden right turn on a red light. Police say the car was stopped at a red light on Avenue 115 in the Ejidal neighborhood when they observed its occupants acting nervous.

Instead of continuing to wait for the red light, the driver of the car suddenly made a suspicious right turn in what turned out to be an attempt to evade police. Instead of evading them, the car caught police attention and was requested to pull over, however, the request went ignored.

Police called for additional units who were able to pull the vehicle over. Upon inspection, police found the two men and one woman inside with a firearm.

The three were taken into custody for presentation before the Attorney General of the Republic for the possession of a firearm.