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Assailant ends up stabbed when store manager fights back

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A man who entered a store with the intention of robbing it ended up stabbed when the manager of the mini-market fought back.

The assailant, who intended to rob the place, was stabbed in the abdomen during a struggle between him and the store manager. The stabbing happened with the assailant’s own knife.

The incident took place at a mini-mart located on 40 Avenue and 24th Street in Colonia Gonzalo Guerrero in central Playa del Carmen. The manager of the store said the assailant, who was wearing a red shirt, entered and threatened him with a knife. Not feeling intimidated, the manager pushed the man, which led to the struggle and eventual stabbing.

The bleeding man fell to the ground outside the store, which is when a male family member appeared in a red car and tried to remove the man from the scene, however, neighbors had already called police.

Municipal Police arrived just as the second man, reported to be the assailant’s uncle, arrived to remove him, however, police noted that the uncle was intoxicated, so both men were arrested.