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AMLO asked not to appoint Carlos Joaquin as Ambassador to Canada

Chetumal, Q.R. — During his Thursday morning press conference held in Quintana Roo, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was asked not to appoint Carlos Joaquin as Ambassador to Canada.

The woman who made the direct request was a journalist who was shot while covering a Cancun protest in November of 2020. Quintana Roo journalist Cecilia “S”, asked López Obrador to not grant the Canadian embassy position to the former governor.

She accuses Carlos Joaquín González of being an accomplice in the police repression incident that happened in 2020. During the Thursday press conference, she also voiced that Joaquin has gone unpunished.

“We want to ask the majority of those dozens of victims of the disappeared, as well as the police repression, that the Canadian embassy not be granted to the former governor of the state, Carlos Joaquín, because he is one of the main people responsible for the police repression that took place November 9, who, until today, continues to enjoy impunity,” she said Thursday morning.

In response AMLO said that the decision on whether or not the former governor of Quintana Roo will be Mexico’s Ambassador to Canada rests with the Senate, while adding that Joaquín “did a good job” for the state.

“We already made the proposal and it will be the Senate of the Republic that will decide. I respect your point of view, but I have other information. I believe that the former governor of Quintana Roo did his job well, but I also respect your point of view,” President Obrador said.