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Alleged international pedophile ring leader arrested in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico — The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office has reported the capture of a man who they say, is possibly the leader of an international pedophile ring.

The man, Nelson N of Danish origin, was captured while walking the streets of central Mexico City on Monday. According to State Prosecutor Ernestina Godoy, his arrest was made in coordination with Operation Underground Railroad, an organization dedicated to combating the sexual exploitation of boys and girls.

In a message to the media, Godoy Ramos explained the arrest of Nelson N was made after the organization alerted Mexican authorities that he was believed to be living in the country.

After his arrest from a Mexico City street, authorities searched his home where they found a firearm, cartridges, narcotics, child pornography, laptops, a cell phone, hard drives and electronic memory cards, as well as two passports from the Netherlands.

Nelson N is alleged to have headed an international pedophile ring since 2014. According to Godoy Ramos, he is accused of online promoting and encouraging the legalization of sex with minors.

Godoy Ramos said that Nelson “N” was arrested in February of 2020 in his country after more than 10,000 images of child pornography were seized from his home. He was allowed to remain free during his trial, during which time, he is believed to have relocated to Mexico City.

“Last February, Nelson N was summoned to appear before a court in the Netherlands for being part of the aforementioned association of pedophiles, however, he fled his country and traveled to Mexico City, where Monday, he was detained by personnel from this Prosecutor’s Office in a broad intelligence operation,” said Godoy Ramos.